Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine!

Wine at Alee's RestaurantAlee’s has a new wine list that is sure to please. A sophisticated, condensed menu that offers tried and true name recognized wines as well as a couple of very popular newcomers to the winemaking trade. The wines have been hand selected to accommodate the tastes of Alee’s staff and guests alike!

A great wine paired to complement a delicious, homemade meal is heaven! Whether your wine forte’ is sipping a heavy and full-bodied red wine or spring fever has you in the mood for a light and refreshing white – Alee’s is your destination.

Food and wine pairing has gone hand in hand for a long while now, but we are finding new and interesting combinations to try! How about a spicy red pasta dish with a sweet moscato? The best features of both the entrée and the wine are enjoyed by the connoisseur. Try swapping out the traditional “red goes with meat” and “white goes with seafood and poultry” and sample a wine based on its characteristics. A heavy sauce, heavy wine, it’s a balancing act. Or with a light flavored dish, couple with a light wine, regardless of the type of wine. When the weight of the food and wine are in check you are sure to enjoy both equally without one overpowering the other!

It is intriguing to find out that there are always new blends of being created and these blends of more than one type of wine are the going trend these days. The versatile nature of a wine blend is that it satisfies many palates. What you may not usually like in a single varietal, you may find you absolutely love in a blend! Some find the blends smoother, easier to drink and pair, offering a whole bunch of surprising flavors all at once! No matter how long people have been making and drinking wine, there is always something new to learn and definitely something new to try! What might they think of next?

If you love wine with your meal, try one of our new wines – available by the glass or the bottle. Guess what else?! If you are unable to finish the bottle – Alee’s can recork and wrap it to go and send you on your way legally to enjoy the rest at home!

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