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At Alee’s, fine wine is a passion, we love trying and featuring new wines. Some of the wines you will see on our wine list might be ones you’ve seen or tried, and some may not. We select our wines based on a number of factors, taste, rating and…taste.

Oh yes, that’s right, there are a few of us here at Alee’s who have the daunting task of “taste tester”.  And so…we never recommend a wine that we haven’t already sipped, paired with one of our delicious meals ourselves or savored with a piece of chocolate cheesecake (stupendous red wine).

Currently the red wines that Alee’s is offering on our “wines by the bottle” list are Bearboat Pinot Noir, Artessa Cabernet Sauvignon, and Ferrari – Carano Merlot. The white wines that we are offering are Columbia-Crest Riesling, J Pinot Gris, and Rodney Strong Chardonnay. Did we already mentioned that we try the wines, right? Life is definitely too short to drink bad wine!


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